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Matters of The Heart
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May 21 2021 , Written by Roli Mejebi

Hi there, So today, I am going to be talking about stress, how it affects you as a woman and ways you can deal with it, in order to make life easy for you and to make your relationship with your spouse go smoothly. Stress is a reaction to a change or...

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May 19 2021 , Written by Roli Mejebi

An emotionally abusive relationship is any relationship where a partner intentionally hurt and mistreat and manipulate the other(spouse) emotionally and verbally, using aggressive words towards them, in order be/have control over them in the relationship....

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May 17 2021 , Written by Roli Mejebi

Hi, So we are going to talk about 'gratitude' today, and 5 different ways to show gratitude to your man. As a woman, showing gratitude to your man is a very important act you should and must practice daily in your relationship/marriage. And this is because,...

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May 12 2021 , Written by Roli Mejebi

It is very easy for women to compare themselves with other women, especially when they feel self conscious about their body shape or skin. But thankfully, there is no objective measure of attractiveness. Actually, it's a relative question: Who do you...

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Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup.

May 11 2021 , Written by Roli Mejebi

Breaking up with someone you love can be very painful. It is heart breaking, it's leaves you totally devastated, disorganized and completely not in control of yourself. Heart break is a very terrible thing. It's comes with a lot trauma - be it emotional...

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Happiness is free.

May 6 2021 , Written by Roli Mejebi

Did you know that 'happiness' is free? I mean, to be happy in a relationship is completely free! OK let me explain. R Hi ladies, So today, I want to talk on 'happiness' Yes you heard me right! Happiness. First, did you know that true happiness is completely...

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April 30 2021 , Written by Roli Mejebi

One of the best feeling ever is knowing that your presence and absence in someone's life, means a lot to them. Always make every moment in your love life special and memorable!

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Happy Valentine's Day.

February 14 2021 , Written by Roli Mejebi

Ladies it's the season of love! Yes it is Valentine's Day today, and I am wishing you all plenty of love on this special Valentine's Day. A love that will put a forever smile in your faces. A love that will make you happy each time you reminder it. A...

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Happy New Year.

January 1 2021 , Written by Roli Mejebi

To all my beautiful followers out there, who out of their busy life schedules, still took out the time to follow and read my post, and to those who actually put into practice every of my guide lines on this blog, I am with a warm heart,saying a BIG THANK...

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Merry Christmas.

December 26 2020 , Written by Roli Mejebi

Hello beautiful, From me to you and yours, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year filled with love, happiness,peace and laughter.

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